Sunbelt Landscape Services, Inc.
Sunbelt Landscape Services, Inc.


Do you have experience as a team member providing landscape maintenance services for residential or commercial accounts?  If so, we may have a place for you with our company. Each year during mid to late Winter we begin interviewing for the coming season's staffing needs.    


What qualifications will you need?  You will need a minimum of 3-months experience with a landscape company where you acquired experience with basic landscape tools such as mowers, weedeaters, edgers, blowers, etc.  Your day would begin at 7AM and end when the assigned tasks for your crew have been completed.  You will need to have transportation that provides you with consistently dependable attendance and on time arrival.  You will need a positive attitude that shines even on the hottest day when everything that could go wrong did go wrong from start to finish.  We are looking for employees who are consistent team players, respectful of their co-workers, company management and, most of all, our customers.


What will we provide in exchange for your qualifications?  We provide an hourly wage above the legal minimum wage,  5-day work week of Monday thru Friday - no weekends, except in emergency circumstances, company logo'd tee shirts to wear each day, transportation throughout the day from our shop to all job sites, respect for a job well done and the potential of full time, permanent employment.


If this sounds like a good employment fit for you, please use the contact form to the right to let us know that you are interested.  While we know that a phone call or drop in may "feel" easier, we really must insist that you use the contact form to let us know of your interest. We will be back in touch with you within 48 hours after its receipt (except weekends, of course) to discuss the next step in your potential employment with our company.