Sunbelt Landscape Services, Inc.
Sunbelt Landscape Services, Inc.

The Sunbelt Landscape Services History...

Sunbelt Landscape Services was formed in 1991 by Ken Watson. The company began with one mower and a truck purchased from Canal Industries and funded through an exchange of services. Ken, a man of Christian faith, determined at the outset to trust God with the future of his business and made the decision to operate the company on Biblical principles.  Over time, a varied and solid customer base was formed and by 1996, the company was thriving and steps were taken to incorporate the business.  Now, some 31 years later, Sunbelt Landscape Services, Inc. has built a solid reputation in the Grand Strand area for its services in both the management and installation of landcaping & irrigation, with a wide variety of residential owners, construction companies, commercial entities & homeowner associations.  Sunbelt Landscape Services continues to serve many of our initial clients and maintains our original business principles and our commitment to building strong, long-term relationships with our clients.


Where we excel

  • Expert consultations
  • Creative ideas
  • Careful planning and implementation
  • Meticulous organization of the construction process
  • Individual selection of plants
  • High-quality designs
  • Reliable maintenance


Do you want an individual consultation?

Make an appointment for an on-site consultation without any obligation by phone at (843) 946-9966, or use our contact form.